Field days at one of the demo plots

Field days at one of the demo plots

ÉLAN RDC supports seed multipliers to improve smallholder farmers’ access to quality inputs. In May, with the maize harvest about to start in the South Region, farmers gathered around demo plots for performance evaluations of different cultivars, and to see the improved results achieved when using quality inputs and applying good agriculture practices.

In the Haut-Katanga and Lualaba provinces, more than 150 demo plots were managed by four different seed multipliers that partner with ÉLAN RDC. The partners organized field days at several demo plots to show the yields and to provide technical advice.

The sales season in the South Region starts in October, but ÉLAN RDC’s partners have already begun preparing. The partners are hoping to convince a larger percentage of small holder farmers to use high-quality seeds in 2018 thanks to a marketing campaign directly targeting smallholder farmers and by selling smaller more affordable packages.

Some of the same seed companies were in attendance at the Katanga Business Meeting (May 24-26), which provided another opportunity to increase awareness of their products with the larger business community. ÉLAN RDC partnered with three seed companies and one agribusiness to exhibit products during this event.