At the beginning of May mobile money content was officially launched on the 1-5-5 platform as part of ELAN RDC’s consumer financial education initiative which was started back in 2016.

In DRC, Viamo offers a free on-demand Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service called 1-5-5. By dialing a toll-free short-code, 155, all ~12.4 million Vodacom subscribers can access validated content, including content specific to financial inclusion. Callers can easily navigate a menu of topic options (“for financial education press 1, …”) to reach their content.

The newly available content, in addition to the financial education messages already available, covers basic information about mobile money, including what is mobile money, what are its advantages, how secure is it, how to open an account and how to cash in and out.

With free audio messages in five local languages, recorded by native speakers, the IVR channel, makes information available on-demand to people with limited literacy and on the most basic phones.

Given the constraints in the DRC, including significant language and literacy barriers and extremely limited transportation infrastructure, the 1-5-5 service is perfectly tailored to the environment.

Call 1-5-5 now with your Vodacom SIM card and give it a try!