A speed pitching round at Lighting up Kananga

A speed pitching round at Lighting up Kananga

In May, eight of ELAN’s renewable energy partners participated in a business mission, “Lighting up Kananga,” to explore and capture the large Kasai Central market and provide quality solutions to the provincial energy shortages.

The partners networked with the provincial government, local economic players and opinion leaders, as well as a breadth of potential distributors. Over the three-day mission partners collectively signed over 30 distribution agreements, registering thousands of dollars’ worth of purchases. Some partners have already recruited local focal points to facilitate the distribution and sale of the products, while improved cookstove actors are exploring how to produce parts of their cookstoves locally. The participants are interested in replicating this event in other towns, including Mbuji Mayi and Tshikapa.

In addition, our partner, BBOXX DRC just announced a partnership with the government, represented by its Minister of Rural Development Justin Bitakwira, to provide 2.5 million Congolese with electricity by 2020 as part of the #EnergyPourTous project.

We would also like to congratulate our partner Altech, the 2018 winner of SwissRe Foundation's Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award.