In 2018 ELAN launched an intervention in Kimpese, Kongo-Central, to improve the aggregation and the shipment of agricultural products to Kinshasa through the implementation of a new logistics platform. ELAN RDC is working with two partners in this intervention: CRAFOD and GTM. CRAFOD is a local NGO that assists small producers in the region and manages a network of warehouses aimed at optimising the aggregation and commercialisation of agricultural products. GTM is a transport and logistics company with the capacity to develop a new logistics platform designed to increase the number of well-coordinated shipments.

ELAN RDC has worked with CRAFOD to help them better coordinate the aggregation of agricultural products and with the preparation of post-harvest best practice training sessions for villages surrounding Kimpese, to ensure higher quality agricultural products are shipped. ELAN RDC has also connected CRAFOD with traders’ associations in some markets in Kinshasa, which should help them diversify their customer base helping to ensure the commercial sustainability of the model.

The first shipment of bags of manioc arrived in Kinshasa earlier this year, but the team has been working to further refine the intervention. Thanks to the team’s continued work with the partners we hope to see the intervention to expand beyond its pilot.