Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in DRC are generally unable to access finance from banks for a variety of reasons. Based on ELAN’s diagnostic work, the main constrains include: 

  • The lack of financial products tailored to the needs of SMEs;
  • The Financial institutions’ perception of risk for certain activities (e.g. agriculture, river transport) carried out by SMEs;
  • The rigidity of credit disbursement processes and practices at financial institutions;
  • The difficulty for SMEs to submit credit application files with certified financial statements to financial institutions;
  • The inability of SMEs to provide high-quality collateral as required by financial institutions;
  • The lack of trust between SMEs and financial institutions; and
  • The SME owners’ limited skills in certain management areas.

To address these constraints in a systemic and sustainable way, ELAN RDC intervenes on both the supply and demand sides of the market, focusing its work on three pillars: 

  1. Development and implementation of innovative products with financial institutions, including: 
    • Collateral Management Agreement CMA (agricultural sector)
    • Leasing
    • Traditional and inclusive insurance;  
  2. Facilitation of linkages between key market players and promotion of synergies conducive to the financial inclusion of SMEs; and
  3. Support to SMEs in the form of Business Development Services (BDS) and training to adopt better management tools and practices.

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