Only 7% of the Congolese population has a bank account. This represents both a lost opportunity for finance providers and a lack of financial inclusion for poor people. Mobile money has proven to be highly effective in bridging this gap in other African countries, particularly Kenya. In DRC, mobile money has not taken off as predicted, with only 11% of mobile users having ever used the service. Awareness, trust and understanding of mobile money remain low. ELAN RDC is working with mobile network operators to address these constraints and help catalyse the growth of mobile money.

First, we developed a countrywide consumer education campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of mobile money, facilitating a partnership between DRC's three biggest mobile network operators and the Central Bank to collectively endorse and finance the campaign. Second, we are providing expertise to help network operators develop tailored marketing strategies for the poorer population, focusing on strengthening mobile money agent networks. Third, we are supporting the design of new mobile money based products and services for low-income customers.


Improve the Congolese population's confidence in branchless banking through educational communication in order to facilitate the adoption of digital means of payment.

  • National Financial Education Program via Mobile Channels;

  • Information on the use of digital financial products like savings and credit;

Develop skilled money networks to better serve the user

  • Support the deployment of banking agents in rural areas and remote communities;

  • Strengthen the capabilities of digital finance agents in liquidity management and customer care.

Indicate the specific needs of products suitable for low-income customers:

  • Provide detailed market analysis to enable service providers to enrich and adjust their offer;

  • Assist suppliers of digital financial products by refining their offer in relation to a specific demand.

Facilitate the development of market synergies allowing the emergence of an inclusive ecosystem of digital payments

  • Support cooperation to bring together the traditional financial services approach and that of mobile operators;

  • Support efforts to digitize payments in value chains and supply chains.