CoCoa Congo (with Chambers Federation)

Established in 2018 and based in Goma, CoCoa Congo was borne of the work and investments of the Chambers Federation, the overarching entity managing programs throughout the region across the mining sector, and similar projects to include the capacity building, production line improvements, and marketing efforts of fine chocolate products originating in Kenya.

Having since supported the development, operationalization, and expansion of the Kenya-based firm, the Chambers Federation has moved to complete the full-cycle of the bean-to-bar concept by transitioning all sourcing, processing, and packaging from to DRC.

Objectives of ELAN’s Partnership

Objectives of the partnership were to support the formal establishment of the DRC-based company, assist with the local design and branding of the entity and its products, provide technical guidance to navigate the registration and licensing processes, establish linkages to sources capable of satisfying the company’s needs regarding fully traceable certified beans, solidify end market linkages and distribution channels, and accompany the newly formed company in moving towards the processing and production of uniquely branded lines of finished premium chocolate bars, coatings, nibs, and confectionery ingredients.


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