Compagnie des Produits Agricoles des Kivus (COPAK)

Based in the city of Beni in North Kivu, Compagnie des Produits Agricoles du Kivu (COPAK) is an innovative agricultural company active in the natural products market for the nutritional and photo-pharmaceutical industries.

Objectives of ELAN’s Partnership

Intervention 1 – Cocoa

Initial objectives were built around the establishment of centralized collection, treatment, buying, and storage points. Through the establishment of these centers and centralizing critical post-harvest activities, producers gained access to box fermentation units, drying tables, and expertise critical to realizing optimal value addition. Concurrent to the construction and operation of the strategically placed stations, the partner bolstered the its number of in-house agronomists who in turn received training to hone technical skills, and then provided extension and training activities in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to accompany COPAK’s growing network of producer partners through UTZ and organic certifications.

Intervention 2 – Cocoa

In line with growth targets and keen to ensure the highest quality of training and producer support services, follow-on activities included additional technical staffing, integrating more producers into the network, providing training and certification services, and establishing additional treatment and consolidation points to manage the increase in volume and ensure that every producer has access to value adding equipment and tools. By design, these activities have not only realized quality and volume increases, but have also strengthened exporter-producer relationships, and captured greater revenue for actors at each stage of the value chain.


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