Initiative des Femmes Congolaises dans le Café & Cacao (IFCCA)

Initiative des Femmes Congolaises dans le Café & Cacao (IFCCA) is a member-led association formed in 2017 comprised of women representing individual producers, cooperatives, exporters, agronomists, regulators, and vendors from across the cocoa and coffee value chains. IFCCA’s main objective is to empower Congolese women working in the coffee and cocoa sectors, as well as ensuring the sustainability of these sectors by the inclusion, development, and support of younger generations.

Objectives of ELAN’s Partnership

First designed to team to ensure the formal establishment and launch as a nationally recognized entity, and then as the group was coming together, to support its growth through the refinement of marketing and advocacy strategies and activities, as well as the diversification of member services. By design, activities are largely focused on training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for women to strengthen their knowledge of coffee and cocoa production, Internal Control Systems (ICS) and traceability, and marketing to drive demand for women-produced coffee and cocoa as a means to promote empowerment and improved roles for women throughout both sectors.


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