Olam International (with Virunga Coffee Company)

Olam is one of the world’s largest coffee companies, with over 22 years in the business and a strong presence in almost all of the large coffee-producing regions which is well-supported by an extensive network of marketing offices across the world’s coffee consuming countries.

Olam provides a comprehensive supply chain solution that links millions of coffee growers to its roaster clients, specializing in every supply chain stage from procurement, wet and dry milling, classification, transportation and risk management, to marketing processed coffees in our target markets.

Objectives of ELAN’s Partnership

As Olam sought to bring its traceability systems to DRC, partnership objectives included the development of refined training materials, increase in extension efforts to accompany producers through organic certification, realize enhanced marketability of coffees through the integration of the Olam Farmer Information System (OFIS), and forward-looking approach which included the establishment of strategically placed tree nurseries, and distribution of improved planting materials.


Website : http://olamgroup.com/products-services/confectionery-beverage-ingredients/coffee/