Twin is a non-profit organisation which owns a trading company. This structure allows Twin to combine trade, marketing, programmes and advocacy to build market systems that create better livelihoods for farming groups growing coffee, cocoa and nuts. Twin is all about connecting actors along the value chain, and facilitating meaningful, global partnerships between buyers, donors and farmer cooperatives; with a shared vision of using trade to enable sustainable and vibrant farming communities to develop and prosper.

Objectives of ELAN’s Partnership

The objectives of this partnership was to implement a pilot project for “Proving the Business Case of a Gender-Focused Approach in Kivu” in order to raise the incomes of smallholders, especially women. To do so, this pilot project was geared towards marketing women produced and sold quantities of high-quality fully-washed Arabica coffee from South Kivu through investing in the development of Internal Control Systems (ICS) to trace female produced coffee, investing in the marketing of the product, and dissemination of the model to other international businesses.


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