Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC)

ÉLAN RDC and EAGC are setting up a network of market and border monitors. These market and border monitors will collect and publish data on grain prices and formal and informal grain trade volumes at 10 markets and 10 borders in the East and South of the DRC on a daily basis. The borders that will be monitored are between the DRC and Uganda, the DRC and Rwanda, the DRC and Burundi and, the DRC and Zambia.

Objectives of ELAN’s Partnership

The objective of this network is to facilitate the rationalising of markets and structuring of grain trade in the DRC and between the DRC and the East African Community and Zambia and thereby grow trade volumes and agricultural production in the DRC.

ÉLAN RDC is also facilitating B2B exchanges between grain traders to facilitate an increase in trade contracts.


Site web: http://eagc.org/