Selling the future of Congolese energy

On June 25th, ELAN RDC launched the second phase of our Renewable Energy national marketing campaign, "Continuons à vivre" (“Let’s keep living” in French). The campaign aims to raise awareness and to support the development of the market for renewable energy products in the DRC, particularly solar lamps and improved cookstoves. The 360° campaign, supported by local and international companies, includes radio spots, television broadcasts, social media posts, billboards and banners. The current roadshow with product displays and field demonstrations is targeting eight urban areas throughout the country: Kinshasa, Mbanza Ngungu, Lubumbashi, Kolwezi, Likasi, Kisangani, Goma, and Kivu.

With only ~9% of the Congolese public connected to the electric grid, there is a huge market to be served. Solar lamps and improved cookstoves sold by the private sector offer a multitude of financial, time-saving and health benefits that people consider an investment in their future and are willing to pay for. The public’s enthusiasm for high-quality products that meet their lighting and cooking needs is evident during the campaign’s demonstrations and one-on-one interactions, leading to sales for participating partners.

The campaign is supported by local and international solar companies, including many current ELAN solar partners (Altech, BBOXX, d.light, DevSolaire, Ecomwinda, Kit4Africa, Proton, SunKing and Total) and improved cookstove partners (Bascons, Burn, Halt Bank & Jiko Mamu). Please enjoy the TV ads currently running in DRC.

Solar lamps

Improved cookstoves

Optons pour les nouvelles energies et continuons à vivre !