Studying mobile money agent networks

In June, ELAN RDC and FPM ASBL launched the Microsave agent network study in Kinshasa.

In the Congolese market, mobile money has existed for 10 years and has expanded dramatically over the last 4 years. Agent networks are at the center of the development of digital finance sector and fundamental for the continued growth of the sector.

Thanks to agents’ proximity to the end user, strong agent networks offer multiple benefits to the industry. Efficient networks can foster the following systemic changes:

  • adoption of electronic services by consumers and other agents;

  • financial education of consumers;

  • close proximity to the service;

  • reduced fraud; and

  • network liquidity.

The study, led by MicroSave, a financial inclusion consulting company with more than 20 years of experience in Asia and Africa, and co-financed by ELAN DRC and FPM, will identify areas for improvement for agent networks in the DRC.

The gap analysis on the existing agent networks (both MNO and bank-led models) will share recommendations on how to drive better and more successful agent rollouts and management. The recommendations will help the sector improve agents’ quality of service and further expand to serve customers efficiently.

The launch event was also covered by the local press.