Unlocking agribusinesses potential through financing

ELAN RDC works with several farms to improve their production techniques. These farms specialize in a wide range of activities, including production and sale of seeds, sale of agricultural inputs or contract farming, processing and marketing of either maize or rice for consumption.

After addressing technical production constraints, lack of financing to meet either working capital or investment needs became the biggest growth bottleneck for the farms we’ve worked with. To address this, ELAN RDC has partnered with financial institutions to help them better understand the sector’s risks and business models and ultimately facilitate access to credit for agribusinesses.

After working with ELAN RDC to target smallholder farmers, grow their sales, and further formalize their business, Mimosa, a seed farm in Katanga, has become a more attractive credit profile to financial institutions.

To date, Mimosa and three other ELAN RDC agribusiness partners have accessed over $700,000 of diverse financing from a leading financial institution for the acquisition of agricultural inputs, stock and equipment.

We believe that improved financing for agribusinesses will continue to unlock productivity for the Congolese agricultural sector.

Learn more about Mimosa’s growth from the latest video in our series highlighting partners. https://youtu.be/q5F5BPCRCRE