Disseminating good agricultural and business practices

An excerpt from the GAP manual in Swahili.

An excerpt from the GAP manual in Swahili.

One of the main constraints in the agriculture sector in the DRC is the lack of access to quality inputs. More efficient and effective distribution networks would help to improve the access problem. As most distribution networks rely on agrodealers – which are predominately micro- or small enterprises – ÉLAN RDC, in partnership with AgriExperience, launched an intervention to train these businesses in good business practices (GBP) and good agricultural practices (GAP). Agrodealers are well positioned to give technical advice to the smallholder farmers, so their mastery of GAP and GBP can have an impact on yields and incomes in the surrounding areas.

In July, AgriExperience trainted a Business Development Support provider, MDF, in the Kivus. MDF is now equipped with tools and techniques to provide its own high-quality agrodealer trainings.

Subsequently, MDF trained more than 200 agrodealers across the Kivus (Butembo, Goma, Bukavu, etc.) and trainings are being held in and around Lubumbashi in August.

Some of the GAP and GBP materials are available at the bottom of the ELAN RDC Grains and Horticulture page.