Investing in Water: Liquid Gold

Did you know that a large part of the city-province of Kinshasa has difficulty accessing drinking water? Did you know that some new neighborhoods in Kinshasa are not served at all with drinking water? And if we told you that the water business is a lucrative business. We use water for our hygiene, for cooking but also as a drink. Do you want to know more about water as a business opportunity?

ÉLAN RDC hopes to encourage many operators in the water business to offer a drinking water service at an affordable price to people, in areas with poor access to drinking water Kinshasa. ÉLAN RDC along with co-hosts UNICEF, the National Action Committee on Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (government institution in charge of the coordination of the water sector) and the National Federation of Manual Drillers, organized a workshop to encourage private investors to become involved in the drinking water sector as advocated by the Water Act (see Articles 19, 28, 55, 73, 75, etc.).

This private sector mobilization workshop "Investing in Water, Liquid Gold" presented opportunities to invest in this sector. The workshop was intended to stimulate investment in the water sector while providing useful information on the socio-economic, technical and legal strengths of the water sector as well as its related risks.

In order to achieve these objectives, entrepreneurs, donors, NGOs, institutions and public organizations working in the water sector were all invited to the workshop which took place on Thursday, September 13 at the hotel Kin Plazza - Arjaan Rotana in Kinshasa..

The following materials were presented at the event and are publicly available to anyone interested in working to solve the problem of access to clean drinking water in Kinshasa: