Access to decent housing in the DRC

ELAN RDC commissioned a field survey of around one hundred salaried customers from a bank in Kinshasa and Mbanza Ngungu (Kongo Central) to identify their specific housing credit needs and expectations.

The results of the field survey reveal that demand for credit for housing needs is enormous. In fact, 90% of the clients surveyed showed interest.

Enjoy the materials on the housing value chain that we shared at Expo Beton.

Enjoy the materials on the housing value chain that we shared at Expo Beton.

26% of respondents surveyed say they would invest in construction that includes specific work such as foundations, walls, rooms, sanitary facilities and kitchens. The most cited finishes are plastering, painting, roofing and tiling. 29% of those surveyed are interested in improvements, including making the necessary purchases to finish the house already built. They specifically mentioned: electrical appliances, solar panels, doors and windows. The purchase and preparation of land was the final category of need expressed.

In the end, the field survey of banked employee customers has shown that almost all the clients surveyed have a project to build or improve a house. Most clients surveyed are improving or building their own homes little by little as their financial situation allows. In many cases not being able to take out a hosing loan is slowing the construction process for families trying to build the house of their dreams. If market conditions are favorable for construction, demand would be high for housing loans.

Introducing housing loans could allow Congolese families to enjoy a decent home, while respecting the lending standards within the bank.

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