Tip The Farmer at your local coffee shop

After over 18 months of coordinating partners, aligning visions and developing the platform, ELAN RDC is thrilled to share the recent launch Tip the Farmer—an initiative that strengthens the connection between the consumer and producer who grew the coffee. Tip the Farmer brings partnerships framed around the integration of traceability systems to life, helps encourage the increased availability of information throughout the value chain, and strives to foster greater trust through transparency.

“Tips” are targeting an additional 16% in revenue per kg. to the farmer to reward them for premium quality cherries bought at designated washing stations in North Kivu, one of Congo’s primary specialty coffee growing zones.

Making a difference is simple. To “tip the farmer”, customers can use SnapScan at the point of sale (POS) or contribute online at TipTheFarmer.org.za. Each tip allows coffee drinkers to pay a compliment to the producers behind their cup and show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication required to produce the coffees they enjoy every day.

On behalf of the teams behind the design, development, and launch, ELAN RDC is pleased to join partners Olam Specialty Coffee, Virunga Coffee Co., Bean There Coffee Co., and Motherland Coffee Co., and welcome you to explore the tool for yourself at http://tipthefarmer.org.za/.

And as we like to say, think coffee, think Congo!