Congolese EdTech startup wins international prize

DRC startup Schoolap won the EdTech prize at the global Seedstars summit on Friday April 5th. Schoolap is part of the incubation platform Ingenious City, which is a partner of ÉLAN RDC.

Schoolap taking home the Education Prize in Switzerland.

Schoolap taking home the Education Prize in Switzerland.

 Pascal Kanik, co-founder of Schoolap had this to say about the support that he received: “In order to survive, the Congolese startup ecosystem needs more of these kinds of interventions. Today, our structure is better organised, the business plan finalised, our business model validated, procedures and governance improved, and as a result of this we have succeeded in raising some funding and have been accepted for the Seedstars growth programme. All thanks to the training and support we have received from Seedstars, ÉLAN RDC and Ingenious City”.

 We are thrilled to see that Ingenious City’s work is paying off and showing the potential of the DRC startup ecosystem to the world. Interested in more background on the DRC ecosystem? Read our paper on the DRC startup ecosystem and its challenges.