DRC as the ‘last frontier’ for specialty coffee featured in WSJ

The following excerpt was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s April 13th 2019 weekly Frontier Markets newsletter: https://blogs.wsj.com/frontiers/2019/04/14/this­week­on­the­frontiers­8/

 Democratic Republic of Congo becomes the ‘last frontier’ for specialty coffee

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s coffee and cocoa industries are emerging stronger after years of strife, demonstrating huge potential amid surging demand for the country’s unique beans, Nicholas Bariyo reports. Valued for its unique zonal profiles, DRC has increasingly attracted global buyers of specialty coffee and cocoa, and is now dubbed the “final frontier for specialty coffee,” according to Kevin Wilkins, an expert with UK-funded market-development project ELAN RDC.

Surging demand has driven annual coffee exports to over 11,000 metric tons in the past two years, from nearly zero a decade ago. It’s still a far cry from the more than 120,000 tons exported in the 1980s, but Mr. Wilkins notes that as production zones expand, the market is poised to surge.