The Association of Traders of Gemena (ACOGEM) has been defending the rights of traders in the province of South Ubangi since 2009.

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

After conducting a study in this province on illegal taxes in the field of river transport, ELAN DRC decided to launch a partnership with ACOGEM, a partnership that will be signed in early 2018. The objective of this partnership is technical support and the reinforcement of ACOGEM's capacity to launch advocacy with the local government against illegal taxes levied in the transport sector.

During this partnership, a coalition of private sector players in Sud-Ubangi is formed, including the Federation of Enterprises of Congo (FEC), the association of carriers of the province as well as the civil society. This coalition has for the first time started a public-private dialogue with the Basis Department, the General Revenue Directorate of South Ubangi (DGRSU), with a view to defining a list of legal taxes applicable in the field of transport. river. The long-term objective is to constitute a framework for consultation between the public and private sectors for the discussion of reforms improving the business climate.