The intervention supported PROSAVIDE, a Lisala based maize and groundnut seed producer, in developing a marketing and distribution system so that it could sustainably and profitably sell to Small Holder Farmers (and shift away from the unreliable NGO market).

The intervention supported PROSAVIDE to:

  • market its product to SHF through radio

  • brand the product

  • develop smaller package size in line with SHF purchasing power

  • develop a network of village based agents

  • train these agents in sales techniques and technical advice provision

This intervention aims to solve the constraint about lack of market access to quality seeds for small producers.

Prior to ELAN's first intervention, the food seed market in the area was almost casual and characterized by a lack of seed performance and high volatility due to subsidy dependence. Various projects supported local NGOs in seed production, but these NGOs had never developed a marketing model for producers. Typically, the production was purchased by the support organizations and distributed by the latter through temporary project structures, almost free of charge. A number of experts and producers report on a lack of seed control and quality. During the phases of absence of subsidies most multipliers stopped the operation because they did not have the structures nor a marketing model that would have allowed them to continue to develop a profitable market and business.

After 3 partnerships with Elan DRC, Prosavide eventually became mature and his activities became PERRENNIAL”