RTMK Farm is an agricultural production company based in Kashobwe, Tanganyika Province, DRC.

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

The partnership with ÉLAN RDC in November 2016 aimed to facilitate market access, quality inputs and technical assistance for small farmers.

The production pilot contracted with smallholder farmers (SHF) Kashobwe had the following objectives:

  • secure the supply of RTMK in paddy rice;

  • increase the production volume of SHF s by improving agricultural techniques, access to mechanization and fertilizers;

  • offer a guaranteed fair market to the SHF s for the purchase of their production;

  • to help the SHF to increase their income by interesting them to the cultivation of rice, a purely commercial speculation beside the maize commonly cultivated for the self-consumption.

To do this, RTMK made 600 ha of land available to farmer’s associations in its concessions, provided soil preparation and pre-financed quality inputs (seeds and chemical fertilizers). ÉLAN DRC provided training for the control of good agricultural practices. At harvest, the small producers repaid the inputs and sold the remainder of their production to RTMK in accordance with the contract binding them to RTMK. The project has enabled the production of at least 2,400 tons of rice produced, the improvement of paddy rice quality, the increase of SHF yields by more than 60% and consequently the increase of their income.


Email : frank.demaeght@bno-rdc.com