Established in 2000, Kipoi Operating Company (SEK) is a copper and cobalt mining company owned since 2014 by Tiger Resources Group. Registered in the DRC under No. 14-B-1486, it is headquartered at the site of Kipoi, 75km on the road to Likasi, province of Upper Katanga, DRC. It employs about 289 workers and operates about 25,000t of copper annually.

Purpose of the partnership

The goal was to move from the all-free model that had not demonstrated results to promoting a model that promotes the empowerment and professionalization of smallholder farmers (SHF), which puts them in direct contact with stakeholders the maize market value chain (suppliers of inputs and services, buyers, etc.), which allows the mine to have a realistic exit strategy.

The Outgrower scheme (OGS) with rural communities around the mine has yielded conclusive results for SHF access to quality inputs and services; the improvement of their yield (from 1.25 t / ha to more than 5 t / ha on average) and the quality of the maize produced; market access (buy-out of production by a flour mill); and the increase in their gross income has been improved (from 0 to over $ 800 per producer).


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