ZAMFERT is a company marketing agricultural inputs headquartered in Zambia, with a branch in the DRC until 2016

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

The partnership with ÉLAN RDC in November 2015 helps to facilitate access to quality inputs and technical assistance for small producers. It consisted in supporting Zamfert in the distribution of agricultural inputs through

  • Firstly, to ensure the deployment of field agents in the Likasi area (Lwambo, Bunkeya, Mwadingusha) and in the area of Kolwezi (Fungurume, Lualaban Luilu), developing relationships with wholesalers and retailers, setting up an effective marketing campaign (demonstration fields, roadshows, radio spots, flyers, etc.);

  • Secondly, to ensure the extension of the distribution network to the areas of Bunkeya, Moba, Fungurume and Sakania. In 2016, the Zamfert branch in the DRC was acquired by Agrimax, with whom ÉLAN RDC began discussions for the conclusion of a partnership.