Established in 2011, the Moba Agricultural Products Buyers Cooperative (CAPAM) has more than 176 members. It buys corn and beans from Moba and sells it mainly in the Kalemie and Uvira markets.

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

The two partnerships with ÉLAN RDC help to facilitate market access, quality seeds and technical assistance for small producers.

The first partnership aims to promote market access by improving the terms of trade between producers and wholesalers, on the one hand, and wholesalers and retailers on the other. It takes place in two phases consisting of

  • harmonize units of measurement of grain in commercial transactions in Moba. This is the generalization of the use of a container unanimously chosen by the stakeholders, the bumba;

  • standardize grain units in Kalemie through the introduction of the kilogram.

The second partnership stems from the fact that improved access to the market would lead to increased sales and therefore a need to increase the production of small producers.