Established in 1998, MIMOSA Farm produces improved seeds and sunflower oil.

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

The partnership with MIMOSA works to facilitate access to quality inputs and technical assistance for small producers. Initiated in November 2014, it aimed to increase the production of quality commercial seeds and basic seeds for the corn variety, Babungo:

During phase 1 (2014-2015), Mimosa started producing base seed. This unprecedented activity in the private sector in the DRC required the involvement of the public seed certification body SENASEM and research institutions: INERA and UNILU;

During phase 2: several actions took place

  • The scaling up of quality commercial seed production was achieved through an outsourced production model;

  • The expansion of Mimosa's distribution network led to the opening of 30 points of sale and the recruitment of a marketing director.

  • Significant improvement in the company's management capacity and connection with a financial institution