B MAP SARL is a consulting firm made up of professionals who have acquired proven experience of large multinationals in the Central African region. Its new branch B MAP Advertising is the result of the acquisition of the advertising agency OXYGENE DRC, present in the world of communication for more than 5 years.

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

BMAP helped ELAN to put in place awareness and popularization campaigns which aim is to change the habits of small producers. The purpose is to migrate them from the use of all-come to the use of improved seeds, the integrated management of soil fertility in the various production sites, the promotion of fertilizers and seeds according to the potential of each agricultural site.

The approach tested is the extension of good agricultural practices with the aim of increasing the yield of horticultural and food producers in the western region of the DRC.

The various programs, spots and testimonials of sensitization and popularization organized by ÉLAN RDC with the support of local agencies specialized in communication.

Subsequently, the actors of the agricultural input distribution network made available information on improved seeds, good agricultural practices with or without the use of fertilizers, pest control (armyworm) and diseases to prevent losses of livestock. 37% to 100% of the harvest.