ÉLAN RDC and CEPROSEM have decided to collaborate for the expansion of the production and marketing of quality local market garden seeds in collaboration with 13 input distributors and 8 agri-multipliers based in Kinshasa and Kongo Central.

This approach was carried out with the aim of making the most popular crops available on the market and facilitating access to products at a good price for small producers. The seeds to promote are tomatoes, amaranths, eggplants, okra, spring onions, and cabbage commonly referred to as black tip.

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

  • Make quality local market garden seeds available to small producers in Kinshasa, Central Kongo, Bandundu and Katanga

  • Increase seed production capacity for CEPROSEM through agri-multiplier support.

  • Capacity building in marketing and production of communication tools (such as packaging, posters, t-shirts, hats etc.)

ÉLAN RDC facilitates access to funding for CEPROSEM to support its seed production network with agri-multipliers and provides marketing support for the development of its seed distribution and promotion network.


Site web : http://www.ceprosem.com/