ÉLAN DRC and ESOU are setting up a distribution network for food crop seeds and support for food producers in Central Kongo.

Purpose(s) of the partnership

The approach tested is the support of producers of various crops: maize, beans, soybeans and peanuts through communication support through a radio program and the number of ESOU technicians to encourage producers to use the services of competent private agricultural coaching.

ESOU benefited from ÉLAN:

  1. marketing and commercial support for the sale of seeds to increase its visibility and that of the project;

  2. The production of communication tools and seed packaging;

  3. Support for seed packaging within the grower's reach in 5 kg packages; and

  4. The radio communication campaign on producer training for the 4 crops, namely: maize, peanut, soy and beans.

The objectives pursued were:

  1. Supplying small producers with quality seeds;

  2. The popularization of new production techniques to improve the yield per hectare;

  3. Access to paid technical support services where appropriate, offering expertise or advice on the ground according to the needs of the producer (with the ESOU technician's number available);

  4. Seed conditioning according to standards.