ÉLAN RDC and STRATEGOS have worked together to implement a contractualisation strategy for the producers of the KWENGE, KIMBINGA, NKATA and BUMBA basins.

Objectives of ELAN’s Partnership

This collaboration was put in place to ensure the constant supplying of the STRATEGOS flour mill (located in LUSANGA) with corn seeds from small producers scattered in the Kwilu province. This partnership aims to support on the one hand the mechanism of contractualisation between the small producers and STRATEGOS, to in fine, to collaborate with a financial institution to facilitate the access to the financing to the farmers and, on the other hand to provide a technical support to Strategos for the production of improved seeds that can be used as a seed bank to meet the needs of producers.

The aim of the project was to make STRATEGOS PLANTATION a center with the following objective:

  1. Supervise small producers to increase their corn production (2500-3000 kg / ha) and increase their income by at least $ 100 per smallholder and per season.

  2. Production of quality maize seed to be distributed to contract farmers to enable them to produce the same quality maize for sale at the STRATEGOS mill.

  3. Maize processing of small producers.


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