The company BASANGA Consulting SPRL "BASCONS" in acronym is an SME created in 2007, on the initiative of Mr. BASANGA Emmanuel and who produces and distributes improved stoves (FA) in the DRC. In 2015 the company develops its environmental component and starts manufacturing improved stoves with the support of GIZ. In 2015, 100 improved firewood and charcoal fireplaces were manufactured and distributed by BASCONS to various retail outlets for resale to end-users to survey the market. In February 2016, after having certified its improved stoves at ISTA's Center for Renewable Energy Studies (CERERK), Bascons decided to set up a small handicraft workshop at no. 6160, Av. Mbanda, Q / Jamaica C / Kintambo.

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

Currently, the average production capacity of the company is 300 improved homes per month. As part of this partnership with ÉLAN RDC, which would allow the company to launch a semi-industrial production, and accelerate the development and implementation of its marketing and organizational strategy, BASCONS anticipates an increase in its production to more than 600 Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) per month.