Total DRC is part of a multinational chain, a major partner for the Congolese market. They are trying to develop the renewable energy market, notably by identifying important strategic players.

Objectives of Elan’s partnership

Total is involved in the field of renewable energy through its Responsible and Social Commitment Program "Total Access to Energy". The program aims to reach 25 million of the world's poor by 2020 in Africa, its first tool to get there is the Awango Solar Kit. Total embraces the vision that energy is needed to ensure development. It puts on the market, solar products from d light, under its own brand "Awango by Total".

In this intervention, Total plays the role of supplier and distributor, he gets his supplies directly from China, has no direct contact with d.light DRC. It justifies a large stock and a resupply capacity worthy of its size, essentially offering these two products S20 and S300. In this model, we want to develop and facilitate access to solar products for the poor. With marketing support, a reinforcement of the marketing team and the expansion of Total's distribution network, we will reach thousands of beneficiaries.